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Allan L. Armstrong

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"HIGHEST RATED "AV" Attorney, multiple year recognition as Birmingham's Top Attorneys by Birmingham Magazine:  focusing on Crisis Management and Resolution, Consumer Protection, Employment Law and Wrongful Death Cases Since 1988. 

Mr. Armstrong has been practicing law since 1988.  Upon graduation from Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, he began his practice in the litigation department of one of Birmingham's oldest law firms.  During such time, Mr. Armstrong represented businesses of all sizes and individuals in complex business and commercial disputes.  

In the mid-1990s, the practice became more focused on representing clients as plaintiffs and defendants in commercial and consumer disputes.  After successfully representing these clients in the commercial and business context, Mr. Armstrong chose to focus his practice in the representation of plaintiffs in civil actions in Alabama and other parts of the United States.  In doing so, Mr. Armstrong has represented thousands of class members or putative class members in halting abusive practices. Currently, Mr. Armstrong represents individuals and businesses as plaintiffs and defendants in most areas of the law.

Mr. Armstrong continues to expand his employment law practice relating to wage and hour issues and other matters arising under the Fair Labor Standards Act. He also continues to focus on areas of consumer protection., including litigation for violations of multiple deceptive trade practices statutes.  During his years of representing his clients, Mr. Armstrong has been involved in many multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts. 

Whether your claim relates to personal injury or a business dispute, time is of the essence.  Many disputes are now resolved prematurely at the urging of an insurance company or later tried in the court of public opinion rather than a court of law.  A claim for personal injury resolved prematurely cannot be re-opened if injuries are more severe than when you received a quick offer from the insurance company.  In business, a damaged reputation is often irreparable. A tarnished reputation may be beyond repair even after success in a court of law.  

It is essential to have an experienced crisis manager on your team at every stage of a dispute.  Most controversies are resolved out of court through confidential settlements The most important decisions may be made even before you realize you need an experienced attorney. Do not delay in developing a successful strategy at the earliest possible stage.

Representative cases for Mr. Armstrong include the following:

           a.       Rogers v. Transamerica Lender Finance, et al, CV-1995-000736.00 - class certified and undersigned counsel approved by the Honorable Roy Moore as class counsel representing individual debtors pursuing FDCPA claims. The matter successfully resolved through mediation resulting in payments to class members, payment of their attorneys fees, and related benefits of several million dollars.

          b.       Thompson v. Check Guarantee Service, CV-1995-000736.00   - represented individual debtors pursuing FDCPA claims, and received a six figure judgment on behalf of the class in front of the Honorable Judge Arthur J. Hanes.

          c.       Green Valley Chiropractic v. Barranco Enterprises, CV-2004-004766  -  represented individuals in certified class, which ultimately settled in mediation, for violations TCPA.

          d.       Delta Capital Resources v. Goldberg & Associates, 2:08-CV-01701_WMA  -  represented defrauded investor wherein jury returned verdict in amount of $792,054.00 ($500,000.00 in punitive damages).

         e.       Assisted in numerous complex and class action cases, including, In re: Managed Care Litigation MDL 01334 (S.D. Fla.) representing nearly 700,000 of the Nation’s physicians and several state medical associations. The case, which involved civil RICO claims, expanded to include over 60 healthcare companies, and eventually led to settlements with the physicians, with benefits to the class estimated to exceed $2 billion dollars.

          f.        Counsel in one of the first cases to go to trial against a leading ephedra manufacturer, related to the dangers of ephedra-based herbal supplements. The jury returned a $4.1 million verdict tried before the Honorable William A. Acker in Birmingham, Alabama. Although later reversed on appeal, the case led to the establishment of an ephedra MDL, and the global settlement by several manufacturers of ephedra-related injury claims.  

          g.       Miller v. Neurorecovery, Inc., CV-06-CV-0206-KOB - defense of this shareholder's derivative lawsuit concluded with the successful resolution of the matter through mediation.

          h.       FLSA Wage amd Hour Litigation, 2:10-CV-00538-IPJ and subsequent arbitration case with American Arbitration Association, No. 30 160 00560 10.  This collective action involving complex matters involving multiple counts and violations of the FLSA resulted in settlement.

          i.       Thomas v. Firemen's Fund American Life Ins. Co., et al, CV-1995-007797.00 - consumer fraud case resulting in a jury verdict of $3.22 million dollars in front of the Honorable William A. Jackson.

         j.        In re: National Arbitration Forum Trade Practices, U.S. D. Ct. Minn., MDL No. 10-2122 (PAM/JSM) - multidistrict litigation involving claims of fraudulent arbitration practices.

        k.       Spivey v. First Commercial Bank, CV-1991-007862.80 - defense of commercial practices involved in collecting on mortgage, defense of claims and appellate work involving verdicts in excess of one million dollars.

          l.       Moore v. Prudential Residential Services, et al, CV-1997-000242.00 - represented consumer in sale of house fraud case, including appellate work reversing trial court which ultimately led to a $1.5 million judgment against defendant whose summary judgment was reversed by the Alabama Supreme Court.

        m.      Multiple representations involving pursuit and defense of claims under FDCPA laws and related causes of action. Some of these include the following: Hardiman v. Franklin Collection Services, Inc., CV-2005-005889.00, Haire v. Franklin Collection Services, Inc., 06C-HS-0121-S, Spradley v. United Creditors Alliance,  4:1999-cv-02322,   Vaden v Great Lakes Collection Bureau, Inc., CV-1997-001444.00, Woods v. Triadvantage Credit Services, CV-2005-06910, and Tompkins v. Alliance One Receivables Management, CV-09-B-0127-S.